12:00 Thursday 4th October 2018

SAMBA Dances for Sports Composites – Flexible Automation for CFRP Manufacturers

Composites have been used extensively in sports equipment for several years, though the use of more expensive materials, such as carbon fibre, has been restricted to premium segments. While fibre producers have steadily brought the raw material costs down, production techniques continue to rely heavily on manual layup to produce the complex forms ubiquitous in sports equipment. This technique requires long training lead times, has elevated scrap rates, variable quality, long production times and high labour costs – characteristics which do not align with the requirements of the sports industry. Manufacturers call for repeatability, the flexibility to cope with different part variants and designs, fast innovation cycles, great looking parts and low costs. This is exactly what Cevotec has set out to deliver. Cevotec’s Fibre Patch Placement technology allows manufacturers to create complex 3D preforms, fully automated, removing cumbersome steps in the process, such as cutting, kitting and manual layup. By placing unidirectional fibre patches on a 3D tool in precise positions and orientations with the help of robotics, Cevotec’s SAMBA production systems create repeatable fibre preforms in record time. Parts are designed with Cevotec’s own ARTIST STUDIO CAD/CAM software, allowing engineers to import CAD geometry in the morning and have the first prototype produced in the afternoon. Manufacturing a new part is as simple as changing the machine program and tool – in less than 10 minutes. Simply put, Cevotec’s Fibre Patch Placement technology offers manufacturers new, fully automated options to produce composite parts for sport applications at competitive economics.

Christian Fleischfresser, Cevotec