12:30 Thursday 4th October 2018

Enabling Performance Improvements in Sporting Goods

The continuing desire for performance improvements has led to a growing use of composite materials in an ever broader range of sporting goods; leading to new challenges in both design and production. How can do you make different materials work together in a laminate stack? The introduction of composites into the manufacture of skis has only been made possible by advances in surface treatments that allow the effective bonding of dissimilar materials. How can you cost effectively paint or lacquer your finished parts? For the painting and lacquering of everything from hockey sticks to bicycle frames, surfaces can now be prepared without the risk of damage, without the health and safety issues such as dust, and in considerable faster time; increasing production through-put, reducing costs and improving product quality. The use of advanced surface treatments can resolve these issues and Oxford Advanced Surfaces can show you how.

Jon-Paul Griffiths, Oxford Advanced Surfaces