14:30 Thursday 4th October 2018

Manufacturing Technology and the Benefits of Composite Ski Poles

The days of aluminium ski poles should be long gone by now surpassed by carbon fibre being the stronger and lighter material so why do 95% of skiers still use aluminium. Well many people consider ski poles to be just an accessory, an afterthought, and thus spend little time and little money on them. But what if the correct ski poles could be the difference between having a good day on the slopes and having an incredible day on the slopes? How about achieving Silver or Gold in the freestyle moguls? At ZEEK we feel we have made the ultimate ski pole, strong, feather light, aerodynamic and all with perfect balance, not to mention stylish to top it off. Skiers need to ditch those old the aluminium poles and be converted to ZEEK and feel the difference - you will never go back. We present the manufacturing technology and the many benefits ZEEK poles bring to the sport.

Kathryn Crouchen, ZEEK Group